Stiira Leave Management Software: September 2023 updates

The latest Stiira leave management software version release includes new features designed to streamline administrative responsibilities throughout the case management process. New functionality includes the ability to build custom email templates for sending leave-related notices, deadline reminders, and documentation requests in just a few clicks.

Build out email templates to drive consistency and efficiency

Stiira’s new Email Templates feature gives you all the tools you need to create and manage email content and documents delivered to employees and other key stakeholders for each stage of a leave.

  • Build out your case templates for eligibility and designation notices, medical certification requests, status updates, and more.
  • Customize your email subject and body with dynamic formatting options and text placeholders to automate information included for specific employees and cases.
  • Attach documents such as a rights and responsibilities letter or medical certification form.

Our duplicate feature allows administrators to efficiently build on a standard template set to create a series that meets applicable policy needs. Easily churn out template versions for different scenarios to address FMLA, state, and municipal leave laws.

Leverage templates to streamline case communication

The new case communication feature puts your templates into action and gives you the time-savings you’ve been looking for.

  • Email employees, assigned supervisors, and other stakeholders directly from a leave case.
  • Establish email recipients, select a template to autofill your message, edit content and attach documents on the fly, and send it off.

With this latest upgrade, administrators are now equipped to complete all action items more efficiently.

The latest updates are designed specifically for you to manage all elements of leave administration in one system. Stay tuned for future enhancements built to simplify your responsibilities and save you time every step of the way.