Stiira Leave Management Software: July 2023 updates

The most recent version release of Stiira Leave Management Software contains several updates designed to further streamline leave administrator responsibilities, improve overall efficiency, and ensure compliance with federal and state leave laws.

Employee record management enhancements

Stiira’s new employee management features offer a comprehensive suite of tools for leave administrators to manage employee records effectively.

These features let administrators create and edit employee records with ease, providing the convenience of viewing and merging duplicate records and ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

The system enables administrators to facilitate employee account setup with control over access settings and email invitations. Administrators gain increased visibility and tracking, with the ability to view all leave information tied to an employee, including open and closed cases, protected hours for FMLA and state leaves, and documentation. With expanded reporting, our users can easily review and audit all employee record information.

Leave year logic & leave tracking enhancements

Stiira has introduced leave year logic to accommodate the methods employers may use to track leave years, ensuring accurate determination of employee leave balances for FMLA and state-specific leave laws. This update also provides improved visibility and tracking of protected hours at both the employee and case level, ensuring accurate record-keeping and compliance.

Role administration feature

Stiira’s new Role Administration feature simplifies access and permissions management by enabling administrators to assign and review employee roles with ease. Administrators can further leverage the role-based functionality for assigning roles such as administrator, supervisor, and representative, to ensure team members have access to the appropriate case information and application features, ensuring HIPAA compliance for their organization.

View history feature

Administrators can now access full audit trails of leave cases, employee records, and employer profiles. This feature enables administrators to view the timeline of changes, including who made the change and the modified information. This heightened transparency ensures accountability and facilitates effective decision-making.

Due date visibility enhancements

Administrators now have more visibility into system-generated due dates throughout the case management process to further support compliance. By displaying due dates on leave case action lists and calendars, administrators now have additional checks and balances to stay on top of deadlines and ensure timely completion of tasks. Coupled with deadline reminders and action item notifications, this enhancement optimizes productivity and reduces the risk of missed deadlines.

These new product updates signify our commitment to continuous improvement and delivering an intuitive, efficient, and robust solution for employee leave management. Stiira aims to simplify administrative tasks, streamline processes, and empower organizations to best serve both supervisors and employees throughout the leave process.