Stiira launches new leave management software

New Portland-Based Technology Company Offers a Refreshing Approach in the HR Software Market

PORTLAND, OR, March 1st, 2023 — Stiira, a leave management software company, recently announced the debut of its flagship software solution designed to address the complexities of leave administration compliance. Seeing the market need for a user-friendly leave management solution for both employers and third-party administrators, a team of experienced leave administration specialists and software developers founded Stiira to introduce innovative solutions for the HR industry.

Stiira’s leave management solution streamlines administrative responsibilities. It enables employers to gain efficiency and reduce compliance risks while allowing third-party administrators to scale their leave management service offering with a compelling technology solution.

“Stiira is based on the Swedish word ‘styrskena,’ which means ‘guideway,’ inspiring the design and functionality of our software,” said Calvin Gower, Stiira’s President and Founder. “We are excited to bring a product to market that will help employers navigate the ever-increasing complexities of intersecting federal, state, and municipal leave laws.”

Stiira has been designed by leave experts to meet the needs they confronted in their actual client work, focusing on intuitive case management, role-based functionality, and leave life-cycle tracking. Stiira sets itself apart by delivering an exceptional user experience, an efficient implementation process, and best-in-class support.

“We recognize that employers are facing the challenge of managing leaves within compliance while aiming to provide a positive employee experience, which is what drives Stiira’s commitment to providing a solution that improves the leave journey for both employers and employees,” Gower said.

About Stiira

Stiira is a leave management software solution that simplifies the leave administration process for employers and third-party administrators. Designed by leave administration specialists, Stiira offers action lists, reminders, and helpful case management features to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Our system provides secure data storage, robust reporting, and an intuitive user experience for employees, employers, and administrators. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing all your leave management is in one place with checks and balances to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

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