How to manage employee leave in-house


How to manage employee leave in-house Simplify the process of managing employee leave with our step-by-step guide and easy-to-use tools. In order to comply with complex federal and state requirements, employers must administer and track leave meticulously. Our guide provides guidance and resources to streamline compliance with FMLA and various state requirements. [...]

FMLA calculator


FMLA calculator Stiira’s user-friendly FMLA Calculator helps establish important dates for managing employee leaves of absence. This convenient spreadsheet includes instructions and enables you to gain efficiencies in your leave management process. Simply input an employee’s start and end dates for their leave, and the calculator will generate significant milestones to assist with [...]

Employee leave of absence tracker


Employee leave of absence tracker Stiira’s Leave of Absence Tracker provides a convenient tool for efficiently tracking FMLA leave, state leave, and other employee leaves of absence. The download includes an easy-to-use, fully customizable Excel spreadsheet with helpful instructions. GET YOUR FREE TRACKER [...]

ADA accommodation request form


Accommodation request form Stiira’s Accommodation Request Form captures all necessary information to initiate the ADA interactive process and can be customized to include your company details and preferred distribution method. The form is provided as an editable Microsoft Word document and is user-friendly. Upon download, you can immediately deploy the Accommodation Request Form [...]

Employer guide to managing ADA accommodation requests


Employer guide to managing ADA accommodation requests Reduce employer risk and meet ADA requirements with Stiira’s helpful step-by-step guide to managing ADA accommodation requests. Identifying employer requirements to comply with the ADA Defining reasonable accommodations and undue hardships Following a systematic approach to the interactive process Taking into account documentation-related factors Performing necessary [...]

Employer guide to managing FMLA


Employer guide to managing FMLA Our Employer Guide to Managing FMLA is a step-by-step guide that walks you through critical components of FMLA compliance. Employer responsibilities Workers’ compensation considerations ADA accommodations Integration with state leave laws Curbing leave abuse Additional resources GET YOUR FREE GUIDE [...]

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