Trüpp | A third-party administrator in the HR consulting space

We’d like to spotlight one of our clients, Trüpp, a premier human resources consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon. Since 2011, Trüpp has been dedicated to expanding its client base and a la carte menu of HR offerings while maintaining a personal touch. They provide comprehensive HR outsourcing, HR consulting, online training, and HR project support to businesses throughout the U.S.

Leave administration is one of the more complex HR functions that has become increasingly important to Trüpp’s clients and prospects. Recognizing this need, Trüpp introduced leave administration outsourcing services as a stand-alone offering in 2020. Trüpp President and Founder Jean Roque explained the rationale behind this addition:

“We started offering leave administration services because organizations were struggling to stay on top of increasing leave laws complexities while also keeping up with time-sensitive activities involved in assessing the eligibility and managing the steps associated with employee leaves.”

With the rise of remote work, HR departments now face the challenge of handling federal leave laws, as well as the regulations of the states where their employees reside. Keeping up with the ever-changing requirements can be difficult, and failure to do so may result in fines and litigation. Jean noted, “Managing leaves has become more and more complex with the proliferation of local leave laws and the distribution of the workforce.”

When Trüpp ventured into leave administration outsourcing, they found existing leave management software options to be unsatisfactory. Many lacked essential features, failed to address the unique needs of a third-party administrator, or used a pricing model that was optimized for employers rather than a service provider.

Seeking a better solution, Trüpp implemented Stiira.

“After extensive research, we couldn’t find a system designed specifically for third-party administrators to efficiently manage leaves for all of our clients in one system,” Jean explained. “Beyond the functionality we needed as an administrator, we were adamant that the user experience needed to be exceptional for our employer clients and their employees.”

Stiira proved to be the perfect fit. Trüpp and their clients now use the intuitive and user-friendly Stiira software interface to handle all their clients’ leave cases.

Developed by leave professionals who understand the specific needs of leave administration, Stiira fills the gaps left by other systems. While any employer can use Stiira in-house, it was designed with third-party administrators and HR consulting organizations like Trüpp in mind, ensuring streamlined leave administration while getting the job done right.